Ex Nihilo (Minecraft) Wiki

Crafting dolls with porcelain and gems.

Recipes Using Dolls

  • Blaze Rod: Right clicking on a stone barrel filled with Lava while holding an Angry Doll will produce a Blaze. (WARNING : It might blow up...)
  • Ender Pearl: Right clicking on a barrel filled with Witch Water while holding a Creepy Doll will produce an Enderman.

With 5 porcelain and a gem (emerald or diamond) you can make a doll to keep you company in the sky. Do you think the doll looks a bit cold? Don't worry, you can make it warm with some redstone, a netherwart, blaze powder and glowstone. It will result in a glowing orange Angry Doll.

Not cold enough? You can also use Inksacs, Redstone, Lapis and a Netherwart to make a Creepy Doll.