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Welcome to the Ex Nihilo Wiki! This is the official Wiki for the Ex Nihilo Minecraft mod designed to improve the experience of Skybox gameplay types, adding new blocks, items, and recipes that will allow you to survive properly on these game modes.

Click Here to view the mod post and description on the Minecraft Forums, or Here to view and download the Skyblock map that this mod is aimed toward.

Otherwise, feel free to add information to this wiki to make it easier to understand the mod and make use of its features! Please read our Policy before editing to ensure that this wiki remains accurate, helpful, and informative.

New To The Mod?

  • For a list of everything new Ex Nihilo will add to your Minecraft Skybox experience, click Here.
  • Otherwise, click on a section to the right to view more specific items based on category.
  • Or if you have plenty of time to spare, watch the featured mod review video below.
Minecraft Mods Ex Nihilo Mod Modded Skyblock Companion 1.6

Minecraft Mods Ex Nihilo Mod Modded Skyblock Companion 1.6.4

Featured Mod Review (Contains other modded content

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