Ex Nihilo (Minecraft) Wiki

The Ex Nihilo Command is a Minecraft Vanilla command creation made by MoacTube[1]. It contains 67073 characters and is available for the Minecraft version 1.8.


The command adds some features of the mod, although some concepts have been modified or dismissed due to the limitations of commands.

Ex Nihilo Workbench

The Ex Nihilo Workbench was implemented to allow the addition of traditional Ex Nihilo crafting recipes. When opened, it works like a dropper, but when recipes are arranged inside the items will transform into the crafting result. NOTE THAT, unlike the normal crafting table, the workbench will reject any item quantities different from 1, so only one item can be crafted at a time.

Obtaining (Ground Crafting)

The workbench is obtained by simply throwing one workbench and one stick at the ground near each other. An item representing the workbench can then be picked up normally.


The crook is represented by a renamed hoe, and craftable in the Ex Nihilo Workbench. When it is used it can not lose durability, but in any other means, it is identical to a normal Ex Nihilo Crook.


The installation of the Ex Nihilo Command is similiar to that of most One-Command Creations.

  1. Open the world you want to install the command to. Note that you must have access to Creative Mode and Cheats in this world, as otherwise the next step will not be possible.
  2. Use the following Command to give yourself a Command Block: "/give @p command_block"
  3. Place the command block somewhere in your world. This will be where the machine running the Ex Nihilo Features will be generated.[2]
  4. Paste the first compound command into the just placed Command Block. Then activate the block using e.g. a lever.
  5. After some time the first part of the machine is generated (You can notice this when the machine has written yellow text to the chat). Now paste the second command to the Command Block (replace the old one) and activate it once again.
  6. After the machine has been fully assembled, you may destroy the Command Block you placed.

The two commands can be found here:

  1. http://pastebin.com/raw/SexpUabw
  2. http://pastebin.com/raw/ucpHUaBi (In step 5, clicking on the yellow message by the machine will redirect to this web page)


  1. MoacTube's Youtube Video about his creation: [1]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA-TiBPMp5s
  2. Keep in mind that for a permanent working command the chunks near the command block must be loaded permanently. You may choose to place the machine inside the spawn chunks of your world, or use chunk-loading techniques somewhere else.