Items are objects in the mod obtainable by doing certain tasks, and cannot be placed down like Blocks can. This list includes items that can be obtained from other mods, such as milled forms of aluminum or copper, which do not exist in normal minecraft. 

Alphabetical priority is preferred (A-Z only). 

Ore[edit | edit source]


Broken Aluminum Ore

Crushed Aluminum Ore

Pulverized Aluminum Ore

Broken Copper Ore

Crushed Copper Ore

Pulverized Copper Ore

Broken Gold Ore

Crushed Gold Ore

Pulverized Gold Ore

Broken Iron Ore

Crushed Iron Ore

Pulverized Iron Ore

Broken Lead Ore

Crushed Lead Ore

Pulverized Lead Ore

Broken Nickel Ore

Crushed Nickel Ore

Pulverized Nickel Ore

Broken Osmium Ore

Crushed Osmium Ore

Pulverized Osmium Ore

Broken Platinum Ore

Crushed Platinum Ore

Pulverized Platinum Ore

Broken Silver Ore

Crushed Silver Ore

Pulverized Silver Ore

Broken Tin Ore

Crushed Tin Ore

Pulverized Tin Ore

Cobalt Gravel

Cobalt Sand

Cobalt Dust

Ardite Gravel

Ardite Sand

Ardite Dust

Agriculture[edit | edit source]

Grass Seeds


Witch Water Bucket

Precious Doll

Angry Doll

Creepy Doll

Silk Mesh

Porcelain Clay

Cooked Silkworm

Ancient Spores

Birch Seed

Cactus Seeds

Carrot Seeds

Exotic Seed


Potato Seeds

Rubber Tree Seeds

Spruce Seed

Sugar Cane Seeds

Tools[edit | edit source]


Wooden Hammer
Stone Hammer
Iron Hammer
Gold Hammer
Diamond Hammer


Bone Crook
Reed Burgler
Golden Nixon :)

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