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Most recent stones to cobble recipe.

Stones can be used as a ranged weapon that can knockback mobs, deal half a heart of damage to other living entities, and create cobblestone. Stones can be useful for getting mobs out of your grinder, knocking mobs off your torchless bridge, or just simply throwing stones at mobs for fun.

In order to get these, you'll need a Hammer to break stone (not cobblestone). You'll get 4-6 stones. You can also get these by sieving dirt.

Can be used by Dispensers to automatically launch stones.


Version Addition/Changes
  • Added stones
  • Doubled the amount of stones obtained from sifting dirt
  • Hammers can turn cracked stone bricks into stones
  • Added a suprise when throwing stones
  • Crafting cobblestone from stones no longer requires 9, but 4 stones instead for less grinding time (especially in the companion map as there's no cobblestone generator)


  • Stones are NOT useful for a weapon in SkyFactory, it does not start with the materials to make a cobblestone generator so you need to make stones to get cobblestone and then create the lava and iron to make one. You can get stones by sieving dirt in a sieve.
  • Stones give a nice, slow particle effect when on impact.
  • There is a small chance to spawn a silverfish by throwing a stone.