Downloaded a mod. Liked it. Decided to help out.

I realize this is a very small wiki with very little to improve upon, but i have basically found a liking to the mod enough to try to take care of the wiki and make it more "proper" and fitting with Wikia policies and standards. Read the Administrators and Policy pages if you havn't already.

Various projects[edit | edit source]

Future plans[edit | edit source]

  • Remove useless vanilla pages done.
  • Organize home page better to not include so many links to items. pretty much complete.
  • Organize Blocks, Items, and Misc pages as they are going to be (assumingly) high traffic pages.
    • Needed a new look because most items were not available unless stumbling upon it or searching for it in the search bar. Ex Nihilo Items Resource page is also very important to get finished.
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