Ex Nihilo (Minecraft) Wiki

These are all the version for Ex Nihilo.

Version Features
  • Added "sifting frustration multiplier" in the config file (don't you even THINK about it Jadedcat!)
  • Fixed Hammers breaking slowly
  • Fixed a crash involving rubber seeds
v1.30 (The 1.7 update) *Modified the model of the crucible to make it not as laggy

MC 1.6.4 versions (Stable):

Wersja Features
  • Modified the model of the crucible to make it not as laggy
  • Fixed a crash involving crooks in Multiplayer
  • Corrected the code for NullPointerExceptions with Thaumcraft's lights (fixed TC lights infecting leaves, giving crooks and scented hives)
  • Fixed curious hive's bad metadata and not breaking correctly with a scopp
  • (After about 30+ versions) Finally fixed the infested leaves turning to green when being punched
  • Added code to make it so barrels' graphics are SMP compatible 
  • Replaced the sieve protection with another non deadly one, capping its productivity
  • Nerfed platinum production
  • Fixed silkworm bugs (prevent NullPointerException's in some places)
  • Fixed infected leaves changing hue when punched
  • Infested leaves will no longer default to "Infested Oak Leaves" if it's not an oak leaf
  • Made it more friendly for other modders to add any combination of "block > item" recipe from the sieve to what they want
  • Sieve particle effects now work with the change above.
  • Fixed a bug with sieve emitting particle with it being vaccant
  • Don't have too many people or on auto-clicker on one sieve , trust me, you don't want to do it
  • Added a new crook
  • Changed most of the items' and blocks' IDs
  • Infested Leaves now count as leaves to make Tinker's Construct lumber axes work with them
  • Infested Leaves now decay as regular leaves do (they don't drop string, though)
  • Infested Leaves are now much more efficient (they don't cause an abundance amount of lag in an infested jungle)
  • Added support for MineFactoryReloaded rubber trees. If MFC is installed, it will actually plant it. Vice versa for IC2. Random when both are installed (you get rubber tree seeds from sieving dirt)
  • Added a registry for heat sources so that other modders can add things to fuel the crucible
  • Added support for Magic Bees
  • Nether Wart now drop as an item instead of a block from the sieve
  • Redstone is now slightly more common when sifting dust
  • Added support for aluminum. Obtained by sifting gravel, sand, or dust (mainly used for Tinker's Construct)
  • Little amounts of lava now renders properly
  • Now 6 pumpkins and melons (blocks) are required to make a block of dirt
  • Removed temperators and humidity requirements for bees. Biome requirements are needed still
  • Cobblestone now require 4 instead of 9 stones to make a full blocks of cobblestone to prevent having to grind so much (especially in the companion map)
  • Fixed a bug involving the sieve not being able to be used with automation protection on
  • Fixed a crash bug involving IC2
  • Changed the sieve to not be automated by blocks that simulate right-clicking (can be modified in config)
  • Added Macerator recipe to turn sand into dust.
  • Removed Macerator recipe to turn cobblestone to sand (can be modified in config)
  • Added Macerator recipe to turn cobblestone to gravel (can be modified in config)
  • Added Macerator recipe to turn gravel to sand (can be modified in config)
  • Added Pulverizer recipe to turn sand to dust
  • Removed Pulverizer recipe for cobblestone to sand (can be modified in config)
  • Added Pulverizer recipe to turn cobblestone to gravel (can be modified in config)
  • Added Pulverizer recipe for gravel to sand (can be modified in config)
  • Chance of lily pads dropping when right-clicking on water with a crook . Dirt has to be right underneath the water in order for it to work
  • Artificial Hives are harder to get back if placed
  • Fixed NPE crash
  • Added a mechanic to create and spread moss on stone bricks and cobblestone using water barrels
  • Added support for Forestry Bees
  • Added support for Extra Bees
  • Added a few items in config
  • Added the ability to compost plantballs and compressed plantballs from Industrial Craft 2
  • Changed gysahl green seed's rate
  • Fixed a bug where barrel explosions caused out-of-sync errors on blocks that got destroyed
  • Fixed a bug that caused slime barrels to empty in peaceful mode
  • Villagers in Witch Water now die properly in peaceful mode
  • Fixed particle effects on blazing barrels in peaceful mode
  • Added Witch Water as a fluid, can be modified as much as water can be, but is a more dangerous element
  • Added dolls which summons mobs or items if in peaceful mode
  • Hammer's speed has been increased
  • Fixed a bug that caused silverfish to try to spawn in peaceful mode and die instantly
  • Fixed a bug where silkworm infested leaves caused the game to crash in multiplayer
  • Reduced the drop rate of platinum ore when sifting
  • Added support for Nickel and Platinum ores to support Thermal Expansion
  • Tweaked lots of textures and colors of ore items and blocks
  • Nether fortresses no longer spawn by default in config when void nether generation is turned on
  • Added an option to generate Nether fortresses
  • Hammers can now turn stone bricks into cracked stone bricks
  • Hammers can now turn cracked stone bricks into stones
  • Fixed item duplication bug involved with Thermal Expansion items
  • Placing water above a barrel filled with lava will create obsidian
  • Place lava above a barrel filled with water will create cobblestone
  • Crooks now work on every tree
  • Crook's durability and speed has been greatly increased
  • Nerfed the rate of silkworms
  • String no longer drop from burned infested leaves
  • Silkworms eat other modded trees (not Forestry)
  • Hammer's damage has been increased
  • Increased rate of redstone dust and glowstone dust from sifting
  • Reduced rate of certus quartz and certus quartz dust from sifting
  • Added option to config for generating void chunks (world,nether,end)
  • Added support for certus quartz from Applied Energistics (sift sand or dust)
  • Added support for osmium from Mekanism (hammer ores, sift gravel, sand, or dust)
  • Added some support for gysahl greens from Chococraft
  • String can now be composted now
  • Nerfed the string output of silkworm infested trees to a furthur point
  • More stone when sifting dirt
  • Barrels no longer fill up in rain when transparent blocks are present above them
  • Items no longer drop above the block when you break it with a hammer
  • Hammers make their proper noises when they break.
  • Added extra support for IC2 (Features below aren't in the mod if IC2 is not installed)
  • IC2 Ores can now be produced in sieves
  • Hammers break ores from the OreDictionary
  • Added Rubber Tree seeds sieved from dirt
  • Added Crushed Uranium sieved from sand
  • Added Sulfur Dust sieved from dust
  • Added Appetite (If Forestry is also installed) sieved from gravel
  • Improved Crushed Ores' Apperance
  • Infested leaves are nerfed (drop less string)
v1.15 "The Great Seed Update"
  • Added seeds for Oak Trees, Birch Trees, Spruce Trees, Jungle Trees, Carrots, Potatoes, and Sugar Cane. Can be found in sieves
  • Silkworms can now be cooked, eaten, and composted
  • Tall Grass can now be composted
  • Fixed items flying in the '-x' direction when popped out of barrels and sieves
  • Barrels now require only one bucket of fluid to fill completely
  • Fixed burning barrels not spreading lava when broken
  • Fixed crucibles not accepting water after lava production
  • Changed rendering of milk and water
  • Fixed transitions from water to witch water (smooth transitions)

Crucibles :

  • Auto feeding with Hoppers or BC pipes
  • Crucible speed massively reduced
  • Crucible lava output massively reduced

Sieves :

  • Sieve speed increased
  • Rebalanced rarity of items
  • Sieves now take time to process in Creative like in Survival

Barrels :

  • Fixed delay when emptying a barrel and barrel appears empty
  • Mycelium doesn't make slime anymore
  • Adding a bucket of milk to barrels make slime
  • Added Witch Waters
  • Adding Sand to Witch Waters create soulsand
  • Adding glowstone to lava create end stone
  • Netherrack, soul sand, and end stone production can be automated

All major crafting recipes can be disabled through the config

  • Added Crucibles
  • Added barrel recipe for netherrack (redstone dust + lava)
  • Smashing sandstone with hammers forms sandstone into sand
  • Added Gunpowder for dust results in sieving
  • Added Coal for gravel results in sieving
  • Barrels can now be automated for clay production
  • Cows develop a weird allergy with Ancient Spores
  • Slimes no longer come out of barrels in Peaceful
  • Fixed IC2 containers not properly consumed from barrels and crucibles
  • Fixed ore dust and dust not dropping anything
  • Every ore blocks have their own ores
  • Fixed bug of sieved ore parts not combining correctly
  • Added iron and gold ore peices for sieving items
  • Hammers can now smash ores into bits
  • Smashed ores can be smashed until turned into dust
  • Hammers and the Fortune enchantments work together
  • Fixed server crash bug in SMP for sieves
  • Sieve particles sync better in SMP
  • Added Ghast Tears for soulsand results in sieving
  • Fixed Sieves eating non-sievable items
  • Adjusted rarity of nether wart in sieves
  • Added Nether Quartz for soulsand results in sieving

MC 1.5 Versions

Version Features
  • Fixed bug of tools not destroying properly
  • Fixed crook giving incorrectly named saplings
  • Stopped contents in barrels from jumping up and down while filling
  • Fixed NPE Crash when using last item on barrels
  • Water Bottles empty correctly for barrels